[Closed : Secondary Recruitment] 2022 Fellowship Student Application Guidelines

AY2022 University Fellowship Founding Project for Innovation Creation in Science and Technology

“Nambu-Einstein Fellowship Program” (Quantum Science)
“Fellowship Program to Foster International Ph.D.-Holding Researchers through Materials Innovations” (Materials)
Additional recruitment has started.

We announce “Eligible Students and Number to be Accepted for both Fellowship Project and Rhizome Program” for your reference.
[PDF] Eligible Students and Number to be Accepted<Secondary Recruitment>
[PDF] Applicable Majors<Secondary Recruitment>

Application Guidelines are now available.

■ Application period: March 11th (Friday) – March 21st (Monday) 12:00, 2022
■ Interview test: One day between March 23rd (Wednesday) and 26th (Saturday), 2022
■ Announcement of acceptance: Thursday, March 31, 2022

For application guidelines and application documents, please check and download them from the link below.
[3-year doctoral course D1 student, 4-year doctoral course D2 student]
1.[PDF] Application Guidelines<Secondary Recruitment>
2.[WORD] Form 1 (Essay format)
3.[LINK] Application forms (* Please note that applications before and after the application period will not be accepted)

* The above form has many fields and may take longer time than expected to complete. Please fill out the form well in advance so that you do not miss the deadline. Please see the Application Guidelines for details.


For Materials program, we recruit additional students as follows.
[3-year doctoral course D2 student, 4-year doctoral course D3 student]
1.[PDF] Application Guidelines (Materials)
2.[WORD] Form 1 (Essay format)
3.[LINK] Application forms (* Please note that applications before and after the application period will not be accepted)


■ Selection method: Evaluation will be based on the scoring results of the essay (100 points) and the interview (100 points). Scoring will be carried out according to the Rubric Evaluation Table.
Please check the Rubric Evaluation Tables below.
  [PDF] Quantum Science
  [PDF] Materials


*1) Contents assume that the budget for academic year 2022 will be met; however, since the budget for the project has not yet been determined, the contents related to support are subject to change. If there are any changes, they will be announced on this website. Please check.

*2) In addition to your first choice of the program, you may further apply for second choice in a different field of fellowship programs as long as you are eligible to apply. Your second choice cannot be the same as your first choices. If you are not selected for your first choice, such further application is considered only if the program of your second choice has not been filled.

*3) Video briefing session materials for April 2022 applications are also available.
If you haven’t seen it, please check it out.
Video briefing session for April 2022 applications

If you have any questions, please contact the Fellowship Support Office below.
◆ Those who are enrolled in Osaka City University
  E-mail: kensi-fellowship [at] list.osaka-cu.ac.jp
◆ Those who are enrolled in Osaka Prefecture University
  E-mail: fellow-opu [at] ao.osakafu-u.ac.jp
◆ For other universities, please contact both of the email addresses below.
  E-mail: kensi-fellowship [at] list.osaka-cu.ac.jp
  E-mail: fellow-opu [at] ao.osakafu-u.ac.jp
*Please change [at] to @ before sending.